12 Command Centers That Will Inspire You to Get More Organized

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep everything in mind, especially if you have a big family. To help you get organized you can build your own family command center and adjust it to your needs!

So, what is a command center? It’s a specific space in your house that helps you organize everything you need, from paperwork and meal planning, to your kids’ schoolbags. Usually, a command center consists of a calendar, a board for meal plan, some hooks for keys and folders for mail.

Of course, every family is unique and you need to create your own command center that works for you. Maybe you don’t need key hooks, but you need some bigger hooks for schoolbags. Or you want to install a special board for kids’ artwork. After all, you’re the captain of this ship and you know best what your family needs!

And here you can take a look at some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Bright Retro


This command center is perfect for schooldays! And all that bright decor is completely DIY, so you can see how every single detail was made.

2. Light and Functional


Looks like this command center has it all, even a place for iPad! But it still appears to be so airy and organized, a pleasure to look at!

3. Inside of a Kitchen Cabinet

 Organized drop space


Even if you don’t feel like you have enough wall-space in your house for a command center, you still can use one of your kitchen cabinets! It hides all the paper clutter inside, leaving you with a well-organized household.

4. On the Fridge

Organize one small space in your kitchen with these simple tricks for a family command center


Now, if you have a big fridge, why just waste its wall-space? You can use it to make a kitchen command center and keep track of everything!

5. Warm and Affectionate


Well, this command center is so absolutely adorable, with all the photos and a picture of family members on top! Does looking at your family photos help you get more organized? I bet it does!

6. Minimalist


And if you don’t feel like you need as many folders, you can just keep things minimal with this command center that has all the essentials!

7. Rustic Chalkboard


Go big or go home! What can be more convenient than having a huge chalkboard for your family needs? There’s enough space for all the important tasks and papers!

8. Perfect for Back-to-School


One more design perfect for back-to-school! You can not only keep track of all the schedules, hang backpacks and sort papers, but even prepare your kids’ shoes!

9. Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly Family Command Center


If you’re on a budget and don’t want to make big investments, this design is for you! It’s very compact and you can have everything you need without spending big bucks!

10. Hidden Command Center

Kitchen Command Center


And if, just like the author of this blog, you don’t want to add any eye-sores to your home, you can use this simple project and hide your command center inside of a kitchen cabinet!

11. Command Closet

Setup a command center in a closet or on a wall - great post about the essential elements to include in a command center


But if you have some extra space in your house why not go all the way and make a command center closet? Look, it’s a perfect space to organize every aspect of your family life!

12. Industrial and Orderly


These industrial wire folders definitely look stylish and functional! If you click the source link you can take a look at all the details about every piece.

Do you want a cute Free Meal Planning Workbook for your command center?

Free Printable Meal Planning Workbook

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12 Family Command Centers That Will Inspire You to Get More Organized

12 Family Command Centers That Will Inspire You to Get More Organized


  1. Casey @ The One Percent

    February 4, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    I love these command centers. I just always feel like I don’t have the space to set one up and I don’t know how to pair everything together. One day maybe I can hire an interior designer. lol

    1. Jane Moskva

      February 5, 2018 at 1:09 pm

      Hi Casey, I think you should try and don’t wait for that “one day”! You can start with copying someone’s project and adjust it when you feel more confident!

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