16 DIY Christmas Decorations That Actually Look Cool

Christmas is coming and you probably already started decorating your house. Heck, you probably already finished decorating the house and sitting there waiting for Santa to come! But there is still some time to get crafty!

I love these Christmas DIY ideas because they are easy to make and look so festive! I think it’s a perfect time to make something by yourself or with your family. It’s a one more way to have some good time together these holiday season!

Snowy Mason Jars


Everyone loves Mason Jars! And this tutorial shows such an easy way to give it a Christmas makeover! Leave it as it is or add some other decor elements for extra Christmas-y look!

Make Your House Smell Like Christmas


This is a great idea I can’t wait to try! When I was a kid we always had a real tree at home, and it was just the best feeling when you come from school and you feel that Christmas is here! With this tutorial you can make your home smell like Christmas even if you don’t buy a real tree!

Twine Star

 Star on a red door


I like how simple and rustic this star looks! Paired with other decorations it looks so festive all together!

Sparkly Reindeer

Sparkling Reindeer


This wall art is so glamorous and so easy to make! And of course you can make your own stencils and get creative with it! Try snowflakes, Christmas tree or just make a big “Merry Christmas” sign!

Yarn Ball Wreath


If you haven’t tried making your own wreaths yet, you definitely should! You just need a Styrofoam wreath and then you can create amazing things with it! Check this tutorial on how to make a yarn ball wreath!

Waterless Snow Globes

How to make fun {waterless} snow globes at TidyMom.net


These handmade snow globes look amazing and no water involved! So you shouldn’t be worried about the hot mess everywhere if one of the jars is leaking.

DIY Glitter Vase



This vase looks beautiful and the best thing about it you can use it not only for Christmas but also in your regular life after holidays! Is there a place for some glitter in your heart?

Sequins balls


What I love about this tutorial is that it doesn’t require any special skills and yet the result is so cute!

Glittered Light Bulbs


If after all the decluttering before new year you still have some old light bulbs somewhere around the house – don’t throw them away just yet, instead try this simple and festive tutorial for glittered light bulbs!

Country Ornament

Country Ornament DIY


Those ornaments look like you bought them from some fancy country-house-style shop! And the best part – no sewing involved, just glue two sides together and that’s it!

Lighted Burlap Garland

Lighted Burlap Garland for Christmas


This garland is also something from a country house, so simple and so beautiful. I am a big fan of country house style myself, it has such a rustic and homey vibe! And this tutorial is just perfect for busy holiday time – you just need some burlap stripes, tie them around your string lights and you’re good to go!

Christmas Light Balls

Popular Outdoor Christmas Decorations


And if you have a big front yard and ready for some serious DIY-ing – this tutorial is for you! Make those giant light balls and your yard will definitely be the star of your street this holiday season!

Oversized Ornaments

DIY oversized ornaments


Speaking of huge balls (no pun intended!), these oversized ornaments would be perfect for your porch! Use them as they are or add some lights inside, both ways they look pretty cool!

Ornament Trees

Knock-off Crate & Barrel Ornament Trees


For those cases when one big tree is not enough, take a look at these trees! They’re minimilastic yet very festive. You can make one for each room in the house, all in different colors!

Mason Jar Light


What kind of Christmas is that without the lights everywhere? Follow this very detailed tutorial to make this mason jar light if you want to make your porch extra cozy!

Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

peppermint striped candlesticks | simplykierste.com


This one maybe not as much of a kid-friendly tutorial, but the result is definitely worth operating power tools!

Have you already finish decorating your entire house, or still need some finishing touches? Tell me in the comments!

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16 DIY Christmas Decorations That Actually Look Cool

16 DIY Christmas Decorations That Actually Look Cool

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