55 Things to Declutter Right Now without Any Regret

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It’s the end of the year and it’s a perfect time to declutter! Imagine how nice would it be to start fresh, in a clean home.

We can try to organize everything all the time we want, but at some point, we have to admit – there is just too much stuff!

I’m a very sentimental person and getting rid of every tiny little thing, every scrap of paper almost physically hurts. But also, I know that I won’t even remember about those things later, it’s just that particular moment, when I have to make the decision, is painful.

And every time when I declutter, after that I feel so relieved, fresh and inspired. Actually, this book by Marie Kondo was a huge help to me! I know, probably everyone already read this one, but if you haven’t – you’re seriously missing out, go grab one right now!

Maybe I wouldn’t swear by every word in this book (for instance, I won’t store my shirts vertically), but the decluttering part is just brilliant! It helped me to finally get rid of the clothes I don’t wear, kitchen utensils I don’t use and a whole box of manuals for electronics we don’t even have anymore. Not to mention tons of other stuff that doesn’t fall into any kind of category.

And while you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, here’s a list of things you can definitely can declutter without any regret right now! Let’s start the new year strong and clutter free!

And if you want a full guide on how to declutter your home for good – check out this post!

55 Things You Don’t Need in Your Life:

  1. Old papers & receipts
  2. Bad photos (you don’t want this reminder, do you?)
  3. DVDs and CDs you don’t like/need
  4. VHS tapes and audio cassettes if you still have any
  5. Old towels (gross and not fluffy)
  6. Old pillows (also gross and not fluffy)
  7. Clothes that are stretched, stained, not your size
  8. Old paperwork, notebooks, junk mail
  9. Expired makeup (even if it’s very good, you don’t want it on your face!)
  10. Magazines
  11. Hair products you don’t need (if you’ve cut your long curls you probably won’t need your old products any time soon)
  12. Anything broken (c’mon, you’re not going to fix it)
  13. Old bedding (treat yourself to some new sheets instead)
  14. Anything you don’t like (why is it even there?)
  15. Baby items, if you’re not planning any more babies
  16. Dead plants and flowers
  17. Any dusty plastic flowers (they just don’t look good)
  18. Expired food
  19. Anything expired in the freezer
  20. Shoes that look too old
  21. Half-finished craft projects
  22. Cosmetics that you don’t use
  23. Pens that don’t work
  24. Pencils that always break (you know when you drop one and then it’s impossible to use)
  25. Anything you forgot about (trust me, you won’t miss it)
  26. Anything that sparks bad memories
  27. Takeout menus (you can see it all on the internet, why do you need them?)
  28. Burned or unusable candles
  29. Games and puzzles with missing pieces
  30. Old mobile phones
  31. Their chargers
  32. Manuals (you can also find them online)
  33. Things that don’t work well (don’t need this stress)
  34. Socks without a partner
  35. Earrings without a partner
  36. Excess containers
  37. Sports equipment you don’t use (oh, those dreams)
  38. Old calendars
  39. Wrapping paper scraps that are too small for anything
  40. Excess kids’ artwork (let’s face it – no one needs THAT much artwork)
  41. DIY supplies if you’re not a real DIY guru
  42. Anything you need to return to the owner
  43. Old underwear (bras that don’t hold anything, anything with holes, seriously, you’re better than this)
  44. Herbs and spices you never use
  45. Old plastic cards
  46. Electronics packaging
  47. Jewelry that doesn’t look good anymore (especially those cheap items from stores like H&M that tend to change its color)
  48. Stuffed toys (or at least some of them, you have to start somewhere!)
  49. Excess kitchen items (no one needs 7 muffin tins or 5 spatulas!)
  50. Expired medicines
  51. Old paint
  52. Memorabilia that is not so special to you
  53. Those pieces of fabric that go with new clothing (anyone knows why they put it there? I heard it’s for testing if your washer will ruin the fabric or not)
  54. All those cables and cords that you have no idea where to put
  55. “Cute” boxes from tea and cookies that you think you might use one day


Do you feel lighter already? If so, check out this post that will help you to organize the rest of your stuff in the kitchen!

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55 Things to Declutter Right Now without Any Regret!

55 Things to Declutter Right Now without Any Regret!


55 Things to Declutter Right Now without Any Regret!
55 Things to Declutter Right Now without Any Regret!

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